KR Wood Artisan
KR - Khalid Radi 
Moroccan Carpenter in Lincolnshire  
"Handmaking wooden items from the heart"


KR Wood Artisan

At KR Wood Artisan we create handmade wooden items jointly inspired by traditional Moroccan designs and British style. Together with other hand made products, sourced from Morocco we invite you into the Aladdin's Cave of Lincolnshire. We are open Tuesday - Friday in the week 10am - 5pm. We can also be found at Artisan Markets at the weekend. Check out our events page. 

KR - Khalid Radi

Moroccan carpenter in Lincolnshire! 

Araar items

Khalid creates beautiful boxes and other items in Moroccan araar, which is part of the cedar family, therefore it has a fragrant smell as well as keeping the moths at bay. The outside is usually french polished giving an extremely glossy look. The inside is left in the raw state so the smell occurs every time you open it. 

Araar only grows in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, and the wood from the trunk is used but also the beautiful patterns come from the root of the tree as you will see on the top of each item. 

Treasure Chests

Calling all pirates! 

Perfect for all your treasure. Each one opens on two hinges with handles either side and a knob to open the top. 

Each box is individually made and can come either plain or hand carved with or without studs to finish. Each one is unique and looking for a home. 

A new design which has been popular recently is a flat topped treasure chest. Making a beautifully decorated item more practical for items to be put on top. 


Many items of furniture can be purchased through KR Wood Artisan. Mostly commissioned items to fit your house exactly. Orders are now taking 3-4 months to finish. 

"I love making larger items of furniture, from the design to finally making the item, I use traditional methods for creating the piece. I can make doors, wardrobes, beds, bedside tables, traditonal salons that can be found in many Moroccan homes.




Moroccan Leather

Moroccan leather is one of the world's most beautiful leathers. Hand-dyed and hand-stitched, the items we sell are traditionally made in Morocco and are either goat or sheepskin. Famously soft and flexible, these leather items, if looked after will last a lifetime. 

We have a range of colours of purses, handbags and pouffes which makes our leather collection modern but classic in appearance. 

Moroccan Fossils

All our fossils are from the Moroccan Sahara and are approx 350- 400 million years old. Fossils are highly polished to show either straight orthoceras or round ammonites in black or brown marble. 

We have small keyrings and pendants, small and larger bowls up to very large statues used as decoration within the home. 

Moroccan Pottery

Our pottery collection again comes directly from Morocco. We have a range of items including bowls, ashtrays, small decorative tagines for trinkets or spices. Also in the collection are traditional tagines, used by locals daily to cook a casserole type dish. Either over the hob or historically over a charcoal barbeque you can either go big with a large tagine or we have smaller tagines for smaller portions. Advice is given with tagine if needed, don't worry Khalid is an expert!

Teapots and teaglasses

Our range of teapots and tea glasses come directly from the Rabat market in Morocco. These pots are perfect for mint tea, traditionally brewed in Morocco with green tea and fresh mint. We have small teapots for individual use 2-3 glasses of tea up to the largest size, fit for a large family, producing up to 25 glasses!

We also have a wide range of decorative tea glasses that of course can be used for tea as well as decorative items in the home.  

Ceramic Lanterns

These ceramic lanterns, hand made in Rabat are popular all year round. They can hold either a tea light or a battery light and produce beautiful, atmospheric patterns as they glow.

 In the summer they look amazing in the garden, on a patio, conservatory or on the grass; at Christmas they are a dramatic decoration that can also hold incense , we have even sold them as Halloween decorations that are sustainable and can be used every year. 

Traditional Textiles

Scarves, runners, throws, blankets and rugs are included in our textile collection.

The scarves and blankets are made from cactus silk (natural fibres from agave plant) and chenille and are luxuriously soft and warming in vibrant colours. 

Our Berber rugs are wool based and as they are hand made they are a range of sizes and colours. The geometric patterns are traditionally Berber in origin. 

Brass works

In our collection of furniture we use a real brass handles, door knockers, latches etc. So we now offer these for sale for our customers.

We offer a range of decorative brass door handles, including the famous Hand of Fatima design. We also have a range of sizes in latches that are traditionally used in Morocco. 

We also have a range of brass bowls, keyrings and lamps. 


Natural shopping baskets and woven items are sustainable and as an alternative to plastic, great for the environment. 

We have numerous woven mats, bowls, shopping baskets and storage baskets. 

Some are natural in colour others have traditional patterns, each unique and individual.  

Moroccan Gifts

Moroccan gift sets, including hammam gloves for exfoliating, Moroccan olive soap, wooden combs, brass soap dishes. 

We also have Moroccan make up bags, candles, incense burners and keyrings.

You can also purchase gift cards, with a reusable lazer cut wooden hanging charm. 

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